SAN JUAN —Search Puerto Rico Real Estate announced Tuesday that its free multiple listing service (MLS) platform is now live and is inviting licensed real estate professionals (realtors or not), builders, developers and owners to add their properties to the platform in order to provide locals and out of state buyers a much more complete inventory of properties throughout Puerto Rico available for sale or rent than just the properties provided by the Puerto Rico Realtors MLS which only provide properties listed by members of the Puerto Rico Association of Realtors.

“To kick off the platform and to build up the inventory of properties we’re offering Free Listings on most of our listing memberships”, said the creator of the platform Jorge Vila.

New Residential Listings and Luxurious Properties will be featured in Puerto Rico Real Estate

All Listing Memberships include “instant messaging” for buyers to contact the owner or agent, up to 12 property images and a video of the property.

Search Puerto Rico Real Estate is a free real estate search platform to find properties for sale and rent covering the entire island. People will be able to find Residential Homes, Vacation Homes and Commercial Properties For Sale, Rent or Auction as well as Land and Businesses.

The site runs on SSL Cryptographic certificates to ensure secure data transfers between client and server. Listings can be saved to favorites and shared on social media as well.

“We intend to make Search Puerto Rico Real Estate the top source for Real Estate Listings in Puerto Rico”.

“Once we have a good inventory of properties we will advertise the site and listings to the Act 20/22 market and to the cryptocurrency market. As more individuals and organizations throughout the world earn and hold their wealth in cryptocurrencies (Bitcoins, Ethereum, Liticoin and others) we believe owners and real estate professionals in Puerto Rico should tap into this increasing market”.

We invite all real estate agents, builders, developers and owners to take advantage of the free listing we are offering. We also offer other listing memberships starting at just $5.00 a month, said Jorge.

For more information and how to list a property visit Search Puerto Rico Real Estate

About Jorge Vila

Jorge Vila is real estate professional with 15+ years of experience in Real Estate Sales & Leasing, and Real Estate Financing. Jorge was a Broker Associate with Coldwell Banker Commercial Real Estate (now CBRE) in Miami, Florida and Coldwell Banker Commercial NRT in Orlando, Florida and also a Mortgage Broker with American Financial Mortgage Co. in Orlando, Florida. Jorge currently resides in Old San Juan.