Living in the San Juan, Carolina and Caguas metropolitan area is more expensive than living —on average— in other metropolitan areas of the United States, according to the Cost of Living Index that since 1968 has been prepared by the Council for Community and Economic Research ( C2ER).

In accordance with the statistics provided by the Institute, supermarket items, as well as public services, are the main elements of the increase in the cost of living in Puerto Rico. Mainly, public services have remained almost permanent in a fourth position among the almost 300 evaluated jurisdictions. In the case of supermarket items, historically it has remained oscillating between positions 13 to 15.

According to the most recent statistics – from the first quarter of 2020 – in the category of public services, the Island ranks fourth among the most expensive cities, with an index of 160.3, equivalent to 60.3% above the average for U.S. On the other hand, in supermarket items, the Island occupies the 21st position, equivalent to being more expensive than the United States average.

The Cost of Living Index has been calculated since 1968 using the methodology developed by the Council for Community and Economic Research (C2ER), a non-profit organization dedicated to research on community and economic development.

The Institute of Statistics of Puerto Rico, along with more than 500 C2ER affiliated members, from a wide range of organizations, is in charge of compiling prices for 57 goods and services established by C2ER. The data is sent to C2ER, who calculate the average prices and indices for each of the categories, and for each of the geographical areas.