According to the Office of the Commissioner of Financial Institutions (OCIF), 865 housing units were sold in September, 18% less than August 2018 and the lowest level since March of this year. Sales of housing units began in 2018 with month-on-month growth of up to 25% but in September shows signs of slowdown

The new homes sold in the month of September were 59, the lowest figure in the last 9 months because in November 2017 only 43 units were sold. The months of September to December reflected historically low figures as a result of the hurricane with figures of 10, 15 and 43. Comparing the sales of September with those of August, we see a contraction of 31%. The used homes sold in September totaled 806. The 2018 began with a growth that made it possible for May, June and July to return the figures seen before the passage of the hurricane.