According to data compiled by the Puerto Rico Tourism Company (PRTC), for this Thanksgiving weekend, over 10,000 room nights have been reserved on the island and a total of 13,750 residents have confirmed that they will do internal tourism.

Currently, confirmed reservations point to an occupancy of 26 percent, although it is projected that in the following days, this figure should increase exponentially with last-minute reservations.

Faced with the atypical panorama of the coronavirus pandemic that has negatively impacted the performance of the global tourism industry in 2020, the executive director of the PRTC, Carla Campos, explained that in a traditional year, the Thanksgiving weekend would see a hotel occupancy rate of 72 percent, since Puerto Rico is a very popular destination for tourists from the mainland U.S.

In previous years, for this same period, it was reported that 86 percent of hotel rooms in Puerto Rico were occupied by off-island visitors and only 14 percent of the rooms were occupied by local residents. Recognizing that the vast majority of current hotel reservations are local, these projections show that there is more interest for domestic tourism on the part of residents than in previous years.

Regarding the breakdown by region, the numbers of small inns (“paradores) outside the San Juan metropolitan area reflect that these are the most favored for many during this time. Over 5,300 room nights have been reserved in areas outside the metropolitan area, which represents an occupancy rate of 34 percent, based on the reservations obtained to date.

Within the island’s tourist regions, the West zone, called Porta del Sol, is the preferred one for the island’s residents, which reports a 40 percent occupancy rate at the moment.

“We are seeing a positive response to the call to choose to support local tourism businesses that are in full compliance with the health and safety program of the Tourism Company,” Campos said.

SOURCEThe Weekly Journal