Over 130 residents of Old San Juan arrived yesterday, Thursday, at the Plaza de la Barandilla to express their discomfort with the various situations with tourists and visitors that have occurred in the Walled City and that have worsened in recent weeks with the increase in travelers who fail to comply with the measures imposed to avoid COVID-19 infections .

“In recent years we have felt like a society in danger of extinction. For this reason, we are here to fight so that our little piece of paradise is protected and cared for with respect and dignity, ”said Eddie Ramírez, spokesman for the Old San Juan Neighborhood Association (AVISAJ).

Among the complaints voiced by the attendees, they highlighted the use of “scooters” on the sidewalks, the absence of masks on the faces of people, especially tourists, and the noise in the streets, including the so-called “shouting” of the cars passing by with loud music. They even mentioned that there is an urgent need for access to more public toilets to prevent people from urinating on the street, as they have observed.

During the meeting, convened by AVISAJ, they affirmed that, on many occasions, the police “did not say anything” to the tourists or if they intervened, they continued to fail to comply when the agents left the place.

On short-term rentals, Ramírez said they will demand that regulatory efforts be resumed, especially to prevent them from turning entire buildings into “clandestine hotels.”

SOURCEEl Nuevo Dia