WIRE Consulting, an independent company that specializes exclusively in consulting services for those seeking to purchase property, sees great investment opportunities in the top 3 of the 52 locations the New York Times deemed “Best Places to Go in 2019”.

Leading the way in the number one spot of the New York Times’ annual ranking is Puerto Rico, continuing along its climb back to pre-hurricane levels following Hurricane Maria which hit the island in 2017, marking the strongest storm to make landfall.

With an estimated 95 billion USD in total damages, 20% of properties were completely destroyed, dropping median house prices 16% before the efforts by the U.S. government took hold and the rebuilding and requalifying of the area in 2018 brought it up by 8%, a figure WIRE Consulting believes will continue in an upward pattern.

The close of 2018 showed property prices in Puerto Rico ranged less than $100/sq. ft., much lower in comparison to other Caribbean islands, making it the ideal opportunity for the American interested in making a real estate investment or looking to retire in an exotic location.