Puerto Rico’s Consumer Confidence Index is 82, which ranks below the overall score of 92 and above 72 in the Latin American region, Tatiana Díaz Irizarry of Nielsen, who conducted the study, reported today.

“The index goes from 0 to 200 as a stop. Anything above 100 is considered positive,” Diaz explained during the presentation of the findings at a digital forum of the Chamber of Commerce.

The index was determined from the results of 500 online-administered surveys to a representative sample of Puerto Rico’s demographics between October and November 2020.

The study found that 84% believe Puerto Rico is in recession and that by 42% the situation will continue in the coming months. Meanwhile, 35% believe that current conditions will be worse by then.

At the event, the economist José Joaquín Villamil also presented the Trust Index of the Puerto Rican Entrepreneur,which his firm Estudios Tecnicos prepared.

In this indicator, 84.7% of the entrepreneurs surveyed opined that Puerto Rico is in recession, a percentage very similar to the 84% that Nielsen measured in the general public.

SOURCEEl Nuevo Dia