2020 took dozens of restaurants with him. Some did not bear the economic impact of the pandemic and closed forever; others have done so temporarily and are hoping to reopen at some point; while a few are no longer here, but for reasons nothing to do with the virus.

Earthquakes in the southern area earlier this year also caused some restaurants in the area to close.

When the governor announced the commercial closure in March – in which she excluded food businesses – because the first cases of COVID-19 were reported, several restaurants temporarily closed because it was not feasible for them to keep their businesses open. Among them were Applebee’s, Longhorn, Red Lobster, Sizzler and Longhorn.

Most of these restaurants reopened later, though some did not, as is the case with Cayey’s Sizzler.

In addition, fast foods have had to make adjustments to their operation and close the least productive premises. Chains such as Burger King, McDonald’s and KFC, among other tantras, have closed several locations this year.

This happened with Ponderosa, who closed his place at Stop 18 in Santurce.

Here are other restaurants that are no longer open at the end of this year:

La Bombonera in Old San Juan

Mallorca in Old San Juan

Chef David Chaymol’s Nicha Bistro – the renowned French chef decided to close his small restaurant, after five years of operations, because with the limitation of executive orders, he could barely attend two tables, perhaps three, which was not economically viable.

The Churry in Plaza Las Americas– the business did not reopen after the government allowed commercial reopening in June. Its owners did not reach an agreement with the owners of the mall on the rent payment and the business took bankrupt.

Bazille within Nordstrom at The Mall of San Juan – the U.S. chain decided to close at least 16 of its stores, including Puerto Rico’s, as a strategy to try to restructure its finances, which were impacted by the temporary closure of all its stores because of COVID-19.

Latin Star in Condado– the Department of Health closed its doors after doing an inspection of its kitchen in August and finding that it did not meet hygiene and sanitation standards to operate

Romano’s Macaroni Grill in San Patricio Plaza– After two decades of operations, franchisees failed to reach an agreement with the mall owners to renew the contract and left.

Café Berlin in Old San Juan

Café Puerto Rico in Old San Juan

Tapas Workshop in Paseo Caribe

The Market in Paseo Caribe– all restaurants within the concept of El Mercado closed their doors

The Argentine Deli – its owner Yolanda “Tita” Melani kept it open on Roosevelt Avenue for 44 years, but a few weeks ago he sold the property to a neighboring merchant and closed the famous place, which in its glory years was frequented by local and international artists.

Evening in Ponce– Located in the historic Casa Vives, the structure was affected by earthquakes in January, including part of the roof and the rupture of the outer fascia. The restaurant had been open only two months ago and its investment was around $250,000.

SOURCEEl Nuevo Dia