Several hundred professionals and investors met today at El San Juan Hotel in Isla Verde to learn about the tax incentives, competitive advantages and opportunities that make Puerto Rico a unique destination not only to live but to invest.

Day 1 of The Puerto Rico Investment Summit brought presentations from experts regarding tax incentives such as Acts 20, 22 and Opportunity Zones that make Puerto Rico such a unique opportunity to invest. We also heard from investors already living and who have invested in Puerto Rico.

People like:

Jeremy Griffith, Chief Financial Officer of Putman Bridge, a multi-million private equity firm engaged in the acquisition and management of distresses properties in the United States and abroad. Putman Bridge is the firm that purchased Ciudadela in Santurce, Marina Puerto del Rey in Fajardo, the largest marina in the Caribbean. Mr. Griffith has made Puerto Rico is home and is 100% bullish on Puerto Rico’s future.

Keith St. Clair, Founder, St. Clair Collection. A tireless visionary, Keith St. Clair found on our beautiful island the opportunity to develop several lines of business among which are: hotels, film studios, finance, construction and project development and his greatest passion music. What began three years ago with the acquisition of this hotel at that time called ESJ Towers, today becomes an investment of over half a billion dollars in Puerto Rico and the creation of hundreds of new jobs. See the St. Clair Collection.

In the presentation titled “Opportunities: Finding Qualified Zones To Invest” we heard from Margaret Anadu, Managing Director and Head of the Urban Investment Group of Goldman Sacks presenting her views about the great opportunity for Puerto Rico through Opportunity Zones. UIG has committed more than $1.4 billion annually to community and economic development investments.

We also heard from Denisse Flores, Tax Partner, at PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC). Denisse advises on various Puerto Rico Incentives Acts, including the Export Services Act (Act 20), Act 22, the International Insurance Center Act and the International Financial Center Regulatory Act as well as on Opportunity Zones.

The second day of the conference on Friday includes panels, power talks, workshops, campfires, plus two networking events to provide attendees the opportunity to meet industry leaders and government officials.