The American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) has given a D- (a failure) to the infrastructures on the island and warns that many can collapse if measures are not taken.

The organization revealed this Wednesday a report -Infrastructure Report Card of Puerto Rico- that includes the notes of each area of ​​the infrastructure on the island, the specific problems and the necessary actions so that it serves as a guide for the sustainable construction of the infrastructure of Puerto Rico.

The study analyzes eight categories of infrastructure and public investment.

According to the ASCE, Puerto Rico is highly susceptible to a humanitarian crisis due to the combination of a series of factors that continue to accumulate.”A good sustainable management of resources and forceful action is necessary since our systems cannot hold any more. To add to this precarious picture, we know that FEMA recently sent a letter to the Governor, Wanda Vázquez, denouncing that Puerto Rico ‘is not well prepared nor does it have the ability to respond to and handle a major event. ‘This is the perfect storm if it is not attended to quickly, “added Colón de la Cruz.

The report is published every four years that assesses America’s infrastructure and objectively analyzes 16 infrastructure categories based on their performance in capacity, operation and maintenance, resilience, and other fundamental pillars of infrastructure.

The American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) is the oldest Engineering organization in the world and is made up of 150,000 members distributed in more than 170 countries.