Kira Golden and her real estate firm Direct Source Wealth have turned to the Puerto Rican real estate market in search for higher yield investment opportunities.

In late 2017, Puerto Rico was devastated by Hurricane Maria. While many investors saw this as a negative impact to the real estate market, Kira Golden, founder of Direct Source Wealth had a different outlook and stated “The upside in real estate comes from creating significant value for others.” While Puerto Rico did in fact suffer tremendous loss from the Category 5 hurricane, the island is now in the process of being rebuilt with new investment capital. Kira and her team focus on real estate markets that have strong underlying fundamentals as they strive to improve local communities and serve their “co-investors.” Kira’s co-investors are a community of individual accredited investors who passively participate in funding the real estate ventures alongside Kira and her real estate firm.

During the last major economic downturn (2008-2009) while many investors were pulling money out of real estate and losing billions in equity in the process, Kira held on through the collapsing market and refers to the “Great Recession” as “the greatest learning opportunity a real estate investor could ask for.” Now, over 10 years later and a decade wiser, Kira is positioning to help her investors profit in the Puerto Rico market.

Due to recent changes in the tax laws relating to short-term vacation rentals and long-term real estate rentals, a large number of investors are moving capital out of some of the hottest and richest markets in the United States, and into markets where there is still significant equity upside. “The legislative system and the current regulatory environment may be a perfect storm when coupled with rising inflation,” says Ms. Golden.

It is Ms. Golden’s opinion that significant amounts of capital should be looking for a new place to go in 2019; where investor returns could be higher than what can be found in other coastal US real estate markets. Kira and her team believe Puerto Rico might just be the perfect place.

If you are an accredited investor looking to expand your real estate portfolio, you might consider using a syndication model as part of overall investment strategy. Kira Golden and the Direct Source Wealth Team will handle all aspects of property selection, market selection, real estate underwriting, and the day-to-day decision making that often take up investors’ time and profits. Visit for more information.

Direct Source Wealth is a real estate investing firm best known for helping investors create generational wealth while achieving personal financial goals and Time Freedom along the way. The company’s mission is to bring institutional-grade investment opportunities to accredited investors. The investments developed by Direct Source Wealth are speculative in nature and entail significant risks. Past performance is not a guarantee of future returns.