We share the following note published by the State Historical Conservation Office (OECH) published on its Facebook page on October 16, 2019 about the Puerta de Tierra sector of the islet of San Juan:

The Executive Director of the State Office of Historical Conservation (OECH), Carlos A. Rubio Cancela, announces the inclusion of the Puerta de Tierra sector in the National Register of Historic Places (RNLH). We receive this news with great joy considering it coincides with the beginning of the festivities associated with the commemoration of the 500 years of foundation of the city of San Juan. It is definitely an achievement for all of us who value and recognize the importance of conserving our built historical heritage. With this recognition the relevance of this emblematic area of ​​San Juan is highlighted as a historic district, joining the already designated historic district of Old San Juan. In this way, the OECH effort is culminated so that the entire island was included in the RNLH.

We are certain that the inclusion of the Historic District of Puerta de Tierra will support community and group efforts that seek to preserve our built heritage in the neighborhood. The inclusion of this district in the National Register of Historic Places encourages planning efforts for the conservation of buildings, structures or sites by public agencies and makes eligible the properties of the district to receive assistance from the Federal Government for its conservation, when the Congress of the United States allocate funds for this purpose.

The nomination was made by Dr. Arleen Pabón Charneco.