Porta del Sol 1

Porta del Sol is made up of 17 small towns that stretch from Quebradillas in the north to Guánica in the south. This area was the first part of Puerto Rico to be explored by Ponce de León. He founded the town of San Germán in 1508, the second city to be established on the island, before he ever knew of San Juan. Today, the largest city in the region is Mayagüez, the third largest city in Puerto Rico and home to the island’s only zoo. Rincón hugs the west coast and features some of the most famous surfing beaches in the Caribbean. Farther south, Cabo Rojo boasts roughly 2,000 acres of wildlife refuge, dramatic salt flats and some of the island’s most picturesque beaches.

The most famous address in Puerto Rico for surfers, Rincón has more than earned its reputation with beaches like Spanish Wall, Indicator and Steps, to name just a few. This area is also known for its breathtaking beachfront sunsets.

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