The director of the Tourism Company of Puerto Rico (CTPR), Carla Campos said that the South Region of the island is heading to become a tourist pole, for which they prepared local merchants for the high season and coordinated visits with management of cruise companies.

“We recently held a series of workshops in Ponce to prepare local businesses for this high season and we made possible a historic visit of senior executives from Royal Caribbean, Holland Cruises and Princess Cruises to the Port of Ponce. We are confident that the South Region is on track to become one of the most important tourist poles on the island, “Campos said in written statements.

In addition, she said that among the plans of this administration in relation to tourism, is to expand the economic impact of this sector to all regions of the island.

The expressions occurred in the frame of the arrival of the cruise Serenade of the Seas of Royal Caribbean the Day of Thanksgiving to the port of Ponce, with what became the first cruise in arriving at the Pearl of the South in this tourist high season. This is the third visit this cruise to the Ponce dock this year. The previous ones were on February 8 and the other on March 22. For the 2019 fiscal year, three new arrivals of the Serenade of the Seas cruise are projected. In addition, it is expected that these visits will be added the Celebrity Summit cruiser in the month of January.

The three arrivals of the Serenade, next to that of the Celebrity, will represent an impulse to the economy of the Porta Caribe Region of over 700,000 dollars.

The effort was also supported by the Puerto de Ponce Authority, the Department of Economic Development, the Industrial Development Company, the Association of Merchants of Ponce Centro, and other private companies that joined the celebration.

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