Humacao, Puerto Rico — Amid its 25th anniversary celebration and after overcoming the significant impact of hurricanes Irma and María, Plaza Palma Real shopping center has again become the retail epicenter of Humacao and the eastern part of Puerto Rico with its official reopening with more stores and entertainment.

After an ambitious restructuring that entailed an investment of over $20 million by Retail Value Inc. (RVI), Humacao residents, visitors and tenants will be able to enjoy a renovated shopping center. The facility promises to accommodate a range of commercial offerings for consumers, with more than 50 stores available by the end of 2020.

The range of store offerings in the mall includes: Me Salvé, Kress, Walmart, Marshall’s, Chili’s, Van Heusen, Pep Boys, Bakers, T-Mobile, Novus, Ponderosa, Rainbow, 5.7.9, Marianne, GNC, Kokomo, Eye Center Boutique, Banco Santander and Bath & Body Works, among others that will soon open.

SOURCECaribbean Business