October is designated as the Month of the Paradores of Puerto Rico, and the Association of Owners of Paradores and Tourism of Puerto Rico celebrates the founding of the Paradores de Puerto Rico ™ brand, and its 46 years sharing Puerto Rican culture and hospitality with great offers and various events. This brand was created by the Puerto Rico Tourism Company in 1973, to highlight Puerto Rican history, culture and gastronomy, and encourage local and foreign tourists to discover the beauties of our island.

“On the occasion of this celebration, the Association of Paradores, is launching a single offer of $ 46 per night, per person, in double occupancy, for stays of two nights or more. This offer applies to reservations made during the month of October for stays between October and November 2019, ”said Jesús Ramos, president of the association and owner of the Parador Villas Sotomayor, in Adjuntas, the most complete agrotourism and ecotourism center in Puerto Rico.

“In addition, each additional person will cost only $ 23 per night, and we will be raffling, completely free, certificates for other experiences we offer at participating hostels. Each hostel has other discount offers and certain restrictions apply, ”said Ramos.

Xavier A. Ramírez, leader of the Association’s Marketing Committee, and co-owner of the Combat Beach Resort in Cabo Rojo, said: “We are very proud of the contribution we make to our economy, creating hundreds of jobs and attracting thousands of visitors to the municipalities outside the metro area. We are Puerto Rican families serving other families in the world; and today, several of our hostels are recognized for their high quality and worldwide service ”.

“Each hostel is different and has its unique history. We continuously modernize our product to attract new generations of tourists to the island. In the past two years, the Parador Boquemar, Combate Beach Resort, El Buen Café, El Faro, Guanica 1929, Maunacaribe, Palmas de Lucia, Villas Sotomayor and Yunque Mar, have invested over three million dollars to renovate their facilities and add more technology to its tourist offer ”indicated Ramos.

“We have rooms and facilities for groups, conventions, weddings and events; and we are ready to receive the local visitor, Puerto Ricans in the diaspora and international tourists looking to meet Puerto Rico, ”added Francisco Martínez, operator of the El Buen Café Parador in Hatillo.

“In these moments, the travelers of the world want to live a unique and authentic experience, and to enjoy the nature, the kitchen, music, history and the culture of the place they visit, at an accessible cost. The paradors have been offering these experiences for 46 years, ”said Juan López, owner and operator of the MaunaCaribe and Palmas de Lucia hostels on the southeast coast.

For Christian Rivera, co-owner of the Guánica 1929 hostel, maintaining the competitiveness of our lodgings is a process of constant and very necessary evolution. “We know the changes that are occurring in tourism worldwide, and the multigenerational expectations of travelers who reach our shores. While we maintain the Puerto Rican family service that distinguishes us, we continue to invest in the education of our employees and modernize our lodgings, ”Rivera said.

“Puerto Rico has over 10,000 attractions and high quality restaurants, and most are operating at capacity. The hostels are located in centers of high ecotourism interest; and we represent our culture and traditions, ”added Ángel Rodríguez, co-owner of the Parador Boquemar in Cabo Rojo.

“During the high summer season of 2019, the hostels in the association observed an increase in occupancy versus the same period of 2017 and 2016. We see the results caused by the marketing and promotion that the new DMO takes to present the foreign traveler with the attractive in all tourist regions of the island. The product of hostels has a lot to offer during the next winter high season, ”Xavier said. Ramirez

“We invite the public to join this great celebration and take advantage of these discount offers. We thank the Tourism Company for their support during the past 46 years; and we congratulate all our friends, colleagues, suppliers and employees in the great Paradores family of Puerto Rico, on our forty-sixth anniversary ”, concluded Jesús Ramos.