San Juan, Oct 8 (EFEUSA) .- The Governor of Puerto Rico, Ricardo Rosselló, today announced the launch of the new programming of the Karibe application, which allows the search and study of real estate properties on the Caribbean island.

Rosselló, along with the secretary of the Department of Justice, Wanda Vázquez, and the administrative director of the Property Registry, Joaquín del Río, said at a press conference that the new schedule will present significant changes, such as expanding payment possibilities, what will facilitate business transactions.

The Karibe application is a unique registry and database system for the 29 sections of the Property Registry and allows the work without papers, as well as facilitating the process of presentation, dispatch, qualification, notification and registration of documents and issuance of registration certifications.

“One of the priorities of our Government is to provide the necessary tools to facilitate and promote the business environment, as well as the experience of the citizen in all transactions, with this new programming, we take a step forward in this purpose,” said the governor. .

Among the new changes is the substitution of the payment engine of the Department of the Treasury for the payment engine of Digital Colecturia operated by OGP Technologies, according to Circular Letters 1300-19-18 and 1300-23-18 of the Treasury.

These letters determine that Colecturía Digital will be responsible for the sale of stamps and vouchers issued by the Government of Puerto Rico.

This expands the possibilities of payment, because it allows to buy the vouchers in the application, to use the physical vouchers purchased in points of sale and collectives, or the combination of both when making telematic transactions.

“Aware of the need and importance of the Property Registry and the Karibe System, we are modernizing its programming for the benefit of all, and the information contained in Karibe is vital, as it preserves the record history of Puerto Rico in digital format,” said Vázquez.

The system also brings changes that will facilitate and speed up productivity in the process of document clearance.

Previously, a technician or registrar could only be assigned to a section, while now employees can be assigned to the 29 sections, which are divided into 81 demarcations, or both.

For his part, Del Río explained that “this change could also benefit notaries and the banking industry, who often have physical vouchers and were limited to going personally to the Registry to present the documents.” With this update, they will have the option of telematic presentation through Karibe “.

The application also provides online access to government agencies, municipalities, notaries and the general public, who can view farm histories, submit documents and request registration certifications 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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