Dude’s Diner permanently closes operations on Loíza Street.

This was reported by the owner Emanuel Díaz, after failing to sustain the economic burden to continue operations.

Dude’s Diner was characterized by dishes like chicken and waffles, bacon burgers, pancakes, as well as fried oreos for dessert.

Díaz thanked the employees and customers for the support.

“Today I have made a very difficult decision and it was very difficult for me to write something and ‘post it’. Due to the whole situation in the country and the world, the food industry was severely impacted. Not only for business owners but also to all the employees who helped to give the best possible service in each of those places. We tried to stay afloat but after so long closed and to this day not having been able to receive aid from the spectacular government that we have, I did not I have no alternative but to permanently close operations on Loiza Street. Those who know me know that I give my whole heart to all my projects and not just to earn the kids but more than anything because I love the service industry, “he explained.