Looking for an office? Consider a coworking space like CoSPAZIO.

Some of the benefits of coworking with us:
✅Increase efficiency
✅Spend zero hours managing office administration
✅Fully furnished
✅24/7 Access and Security
✅Full capacity generator
✅Fiber Optic Internet (100 MBS)

Try our space for an hour! We provide you with the right balance of a quiet working environment so you can concentrate on your business and a networking community of like-minded professionals.

We also have private offices and conference rooms with flexible plans.

CoSPAZIO is a coworking space that is located in one of the best commercial buildings, El Caribe Building, in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Overlooking a “fifty shades of blue” sea, and a sand beach filled with palm trees, this is certainly anyone’s dream office space. The facility focuses on attracting experienced professionals who will use our space for collaboration. We want you to CoNNECT, CoWORK and CoPLAY