Cement sales reached 1,141.7 units of 94-pound sacks in June of the current year, 91.1 units or 7.4% less than the 1,232.8 units sold in June of last year. However cement sales in June of the current year are still 95.7 units or 9.14% higher than those reported in June 2017.

Similarly when you compare the 6,862.3 units sold so far this year to the 7,434.5 units sold in the same period of 2018 there is a 572.2 unit or 8% decrease in sales, however there is a 859.6 unit or 14.3% increase in sales when comparing the current year to date sales to 2017 sales in the same period.

Although cement sales have slowed down when compared to 2018 they remain higher 9.1% higher than in June 2017 and 11.3% higher than June 2016. Furthermore cement sales have decreased by 72.3 units or 6.4% when compared to May of this year.

In contrast, production of cement sales has increased by 257.6 units or 27.5% when comparing the 1,195.1 units produced on June of the current year to the 937.4 units produced during June of 2018. Similarly to sales production has increased when compared to 2017 figures for the same month, as cement production in June of the current year was 25.9 units or 2.2% higher than in June of 2017.

Cement production from January to June of this year totals 6,273.3 units, 924.8 units or 12.9% less than the 7,198.1 units produced in the same period in 2018, however production in 2019 so far is still 13.1% higher than in 2017 and 7.9% higher than in 2016.

SOURCEInteligencia Económica