Beginning on 10 October 2018, the ferries will be operating out of the new ferry terminal in Ceiba. Not only will they be using a new ferry terminal, there will be a new fleet of “fast” ferries. These faster, modern ferries, coupled with the shorter route between Ceiba and Culebra/Vieques, should reduce the travel time needed to make the crossing.

The new ferries will be operated by Puerto Rico Fast Ferries, LLC, under contract to the Puerto Rico Maritime Transportation Authority (MTA). Puerto Rico Fast Ferries will operate two passenger ferries: the Schoodic Explorer, with capacity for 149 passengers, and the Big Cat, with capacity for 377 passengers. Additionally, there will be two cargo ferries: Mr. Evan, with capacity for 77 passengers and 16 vehicles, and Mr. Cade, with capacity for 68 passengers and 16 vehicles. The passenger ferries are already here in Puerto Rico, and are ready to go. The cargo ferries will be starting operation on 20 & 22 October 2018.

The PR MTA will continue to operate their ferries out of the Fajardo ferry terminal, in parallel with passenger ferries from Ceiba, until about 20 October 2018. After that, the Fajardo ferry terminal will be closed and all ferries will run out of Ceiba.

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