Inspired by the greatness of a stadium created to celebrate the triumphs of our stellar athletes, as well as a new meeting point for watching sports matches favored by Puerto Ricans, “Arena Medalla” will open its doors during the first quarter of 2020 at El Distrito, Puerto Rico’s premiere entertainment center.

According to Federico Stubbe, Jr., President of PRISA Group, developer of El Distrito and the new concept, Arena Medalla is a celebration of the victories of Puerto Ricans athletes and the pride we feel when we conquer the world with our talents. The executive explained that when a Puerto Rican athlete competes, the whole Island competes with him or her, “so the triumph of a Puerto Rican athlete is a triumph that belongs to all of us”.

“Arena Medalla represents the sports bar of the new century; conceptualized as a meeting place to celebrate the triumphs of our athletes during their local and international competitions, and the talents of our athletes throughout history. The space seeks to celebrate sportsmanship as an element that unites us to our friends, family and as a society. At Arena Medalla we celebrate that victorious spirit that our people enjoy and take so much pride in.”

Arena Medalla is already in construction, and is scheduled to open during the first quarter of 2020. Developed with an investment of approximately five million dollars, it will generate about 75 direct jobs. The two-level venue has over 12,500 square feet of space to serve about 250 people.

“Fun is the name of the game at Arena Medalla. In addition to food and beverage, here you will find a game arcade, pool tables, dartboards, ping-pong, video games and three karaoke rooms. On a central stage, there will be bands and musical performances, and an additional platform will incorporate a DJ who will offer the latest in contemporary music”, said Stubbe, Jr.

Arena Medalla will feature the most innovative audio and video technology, as well as a 30-feet wide LED panoramic screen to offer the best sports viewing experience. These technological elements will serve to continuously project moments of triumph by Puerto Rican athletes throughout history.

“With the technology that Arena Medalla will have, the fans will feel as if they were on the court, the park or next to the ring, while enjoying a menu designed especially for this venue. Arena Medalla is not just a place, it is an experience,” said Abelardo Ruiz, general manager of El Distrito.

An element worth highlighting is the menu especially created to match the sporting experience that the venue will feature. The locally inspired menu elevates the sports fans culinary experience, offering everything from hot wings and grilled hamburgers, to seafood, steaks and ribs. Arena Medalla will be operated by International Hospitality Restaurants, IHR, a local operating partner headed by Jose “Peco” Suárez.

“Arena Medalla will feature an innovative bar in the local scene”, Ruiz added. “Two tap walls will be a main point of attraction for all those who enjoy the freshest beer. A unique bar in the brewery market will serve a variety of local beers as well as artisan cocktails. ”

Stubbe highlighted the role that Cervecera de Puerto Rico has played in the conceptualization and development of Arena Medalla. “At El Distrito we are completely committed to celebrating and exalting our Puerto Rican essence and the achievements of our people in an authentic way; and it has been immensely valuable to have Cervecera de Puerto Rico as a key partner in this effort. Like us, Cervecera believes in the value of our athletes, and the importance of celebrating the triumphs that unite us as a society. This alliance goes beyond a sponsorship agreement; together with us, they own this concept”.

Jorge Bracero, Chief Marketing Officer of Cervecera de Puerto Rico, indicated, “being part of the District is a unique opportunity to reaffirm our commitment to the Island and its socioeconomic development. El Distrito represents the new face of Puerto Rico that we all yearn for, and in Arena Medalla we are ready to celebrate it. We believe in this project and we have made it ours since it is an additional way to help the economic development of Puerto Rico”.

Bracero added that Arena Medalla has a unique system that guarantees fresh beer at all times. “Every day, we will receive fresh beer from our plant in Mayagüez, guaranteeing the best product in the market, worthy of the triumphs of our athletes.” Bracero explained that Arena Medalla will have 6 tanks at perfect temperature, to store the beer and keep it fresh always.

Noelia García, Executive Director of the Puerto Rico Convention District Authority, highlighted the contribution that El Distrito’s development is making to the Island’s economy, as well as how the project’s innovation will become one of the main attractions for the Island, for locals and for those who visit Puerto Rico as well. “El Distrito came to change the way Puerto Rico entertains itself, giving an additional reason to invest in the Island.”

Arena Medalla is scheduled to open its doors during the first quarter of 2020 at El Distrito, becoming one of the main gastronomy and entertainment proposals of this world-class project.