Miramar 1

Miramar is a historic neighborhood in the district of Santurce, San Juan. Miramar is an elegant and upscale neighborhood with many Spanish-style homes with patios and gardens.

It is situated on the north western part of Santurce, adjacent to Isla Grande where the Puerto Rico Convention Center is located to the west, Baldorioty de Castro Boulevard and Condado Lagoon to the north, Barrios Alto del Cabro and Gandul to the east and Hoare Street towards the South.

Miramar is an exclusive residential neighbourhood where primarily middle to upper-class families reside, characterized by quiet streets lined with large, mature shade trees. There are still a handful of historical residences with the charm and atmosphere from the bygone era including several Prairie School architectural style buildings by internationally renowned architect Antonin Nechodoma. Miramar’s rich architectural legacy is now protected by law as it was designated an historical district of Puerto Rico. The government of Puerto Rico has passed a law declaring Miramar a Historic Town.