About 113,000 people emigrated to other jurisdictions in the United States, in net terms, during 2018, according to the most recent Community Survey published today by the United States Census Bureau.

Likewise, it was revealed that in 2018 the indicators of Puerto Rico’s migration were expanded exposing the effect after the year of the impact of hurricanes.

In relation to this, it was found that, in 2018, 133,451 thousand people emigrated to the United States, increasing the record number of data from the Community Survey of the previous year.

“The 2018 data allows us to investigate a full year of information with post-hurricane characteristics and indicators for Puerto Rico. It is important to highlight that the new information regarding the 2018 data, as well as the data to be published on the 2017 Economic Census, from now on can be accessed exclusively through the data.census.gov platform.